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Weight & Fat Loss

If you want to lose weight, be realistic and motivated, set goals that can be achieved and follow scientific basic rules
Well Balanced required nutrition and well planned daily physical activity are key components of a weight management program.
If you are interested in losing body weight and body fat, the basic principle is make it safe and effective weight loss

  • Weight can be lost only through a negative energy balance, i.e. your caloric expenditure must be go above the caloric intake
  • Daily aerobic exercise at low intensity and long duration, eg. Between 30% to 60% of your resting heart rate (RHR – your heart rate at normal condition at rest and calculate it 30% more and 60% more heart rate, that is your target heart rate zone for weight loss exercise)  
  • Strength and flexibility exercises
  • Add more protein and less fibre rich carbohydrate in your diet, avoid simple carbohydrates.
  • Do not use carbohydrate before or during your workout
  • Use high protein diet or supplement after workout
  • Cutting in calories can also reduce your micronutrient intake, take ample amount of fruits & vegetables or take multivitamin, multi-minerals supplement.
  • You may use certain proven herbs to increase BMR to help your body in losing fat
  • Most important is maintaining consistency and keep yourself motivated for the weight loss plan