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Workout is high energy demand situation for the body where metabolism goes up, blood supply needs to be higher, oxygen uptake and CO2 needs to exchange at faster rate and amount of free radical generation is very high.
Ideal pre-workout should take care of all requirements of the increased demands of body. That includes fuel (Glucose) supply for generation of energy, adequate supply of blood with lesser load on heart, better oxygen supply and removal of waste products such as CO2 and lactic acid without having any adverse effect on vital body organs (Heart, Liver, Kidney, Lungs, Pancreas etc.)
If you can manage all above parameters it will increase your workout time, weight bearing capacity, exercise intensity & duration without any fatigue and lethargy.Various ingredients are known to provide physiological benefits during exercise, i.e. increase of energy by simple carbohydrates, anaerobic energy by creatine, metabolism of BCAA in muscles, better blood supply by arginine, intracellular pH buffering by beta-alanine for reducing lactic acid accumulation, delay fatigue and more power output and delay time to exhaustion

You can choose individual Pre-workout ingredient or you can take RoaR that is scientifically designed after taking care of all exercise physiological requirements