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Product Description:
Lever Tonic – The Potent Antidot for Lever Toxins

Exercise increases the energy demand and metabolic load of the cells. With increase in energy, toxins such as free radicals production also increase. Apart from those, exogenous factors like environmental pollution, smoking, alcohol and use of drugs & chemical also increase toxin level. Liver helps to manage extra energy demand and also cleanses toxins. Supporting liver to remove toxins helps to stay fit.
Well documented anti-dot herbs of NT.Dot helps to remove toxins and improve metabolism and helps liver to stay fit.

Packings: 90 Caps
Serving Size : 2 Capsule
MRP : Rs. 980/- 

Serving Size: 1 capsule, you can take NT.Dot capsule after breakfast and one capsule after dinner. (1 Capsule twice a day) Special Precautions: Hypersensitivity to any ingredient
Contra Indications: Any established renal disease
Warning:  Consult your dietician for optimum uses, do not exceed recommended dose

All claims are based on various studies and data available on internet, books & journals and not verified by any authority, or FSSAI.