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​​Mass Gainer

Gaining muscle mass is everyone’s desire. You can make it easy by following some basic principles of science.
Balance Diet and right calorie intake is most important for gaining muscle mass. Right workout plan comes after this.
Calories can be calculated by harris bendict equation or you can ask your diet consultant (Obviously by giving right information without hiding anything)
For gaining muscle mass average calories distribution is

  • Calories from protein – 15-18% of your daily calorie requirement
  • Calories from Fat – 20-25% of your daily calorie requirement
  • Calories from carbohydrates – 55-58% of your daily calorie requirement

Consuming fewer calories or more calories and unbalanced calories will give you adverse results
Workout plan can be discussed with your trainer. Mainly high weight and low repetition is favourable model for gaining muscle mass. Studies shows that repeated eccentric actions lead to a greater muscle mass gain Mass Gain