​Sane Science Nutritions


​​Smart Physique or fit & muscular body is always has a unique attraction. What is advantage of a fit & muscular body?

  • Power
  • Capacity to lift more Weight
  • Lower energy cost of locomotion
  • Superior thermoregulation
  • And most important is
  • ‘Impression’

Gaining muscle size and strength

  • A successful muscle hypertrophy programme demands consideration of the overall training programme as well as nutritional support
  • Nutrition with Energy-dense meal with adequate carbohydrate to support training
  • High quality protein

Exercise stimulate an increase in overall appetite to promote the restoration of fuels and maintenance of body weight

  • Total energy intake and expenditure is the most influential environmental factors regulating body mass
  • Consumption of energy above daily requirements results in gains of body mass and inadequate energy intake results in loss
  • Energy expenditure at rest is strongly and positively correlated with lean mass, higher lean mass, higher energy expenditure

For healthy weight gain by gaining lean muscle mass and a little fat appropriate and right macronutrient ratio is very important. More carbohydrates or fat results in undesirable increases in body fat. To gain weight you should increase total calorie intake and minimum 20% extra of your daily energy need.

For Gaining lean mass weight, Energy value contribution for in your daily energy intake should be balance ass below

  • Energy from Protein: 15-18% of total energy
  • Energy from Fat: 15-25% of total energy
  • Energy from Protein: 55-60% of total energy
  • Micronutrients and antioxidants are also important factor.​
  • If you have a small appetite, eat five to six times a day
  • You can also take supplement having the above ratio of energy contribution values